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What is the Key Charger?

Ever get frustrated when you don't have enough juice for your Phone? Don''t feel like carrying a bulky cable or lugging an extended battery around? The Key Charger is your solution!

The Key Charger is a USB Charging and Syncing Cable for the iPhone, Android, or any Micro USB Cell Phone that fits on, and stays on your keychain!

About Us

The Key Charger is a gadget that was thought up of out of pure frustration. As an active cell Phone user, I found myself constantly requiring my battery to be charged. I have tried external batteries, cases with built-in batteries, and many other power accesories in the market, only to find myself needing to charge my phone! The only solution was to constantly have my charging cable on my person at all times.

If I was in a car, whether it was my own, or a friends, at work sitting in front of a computer, or just hanging out with friends, I realized this drawback.

Keeping the charging cable on your person at all times can be tough! Not to mention, wherever I went with my cable !




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